Costly LNG, a burden for Bangladesh's energy sector

Bangladesh is transitioning away from filthy coal-fired power facilities on one hand, while rapidly increasing the use of Liquifying Natural Gas (LNG) to increase its energy supply. LNG is not a long-term sustainable clean energy source, and has serious financial and environmental consequences.

This map - based data set illustrates the current status of LNG-fired power plants across the country including installed capacity, lifetime capacity charges, lifetime Green House Gas emission (GHG) and more.

There are 20 LNG-fired Power Plants in Eight Districts of Bangladesh
  • Total Installed Capacity: 13,955 Megawatt (M.W)
  • Total Lifetime Capacity Charge: Minimum USD 9,773 Million
  • Total Lifetime Green House Gas (GHG) Emission: Minimum 950 Million Ton

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